Friday, June 24, 2011

4 Months Old!

Today is Spark's 4 month birthday. He is celebrating by sleeping after being at the ball field until late last night.
Here are three lists of 4 things about Spark.

My Four Favorite Things About Spark:
1) His confident, easy-going, sweet, trusting, loyal, and goofy personality
2) His very expressive facial expressions
3) How he LOVES to cuddle
4) His good public manners   [well most of the time]

The Top 4 Things Spark Is Good At:
1) Sleeping-anytime, anywhere
2) Giving kisses
3) Giving you the "I'm a poor innocent little puppy" look
4) Being goofy and making people laugh

4 Things Spark Needs To Improve Before He Turns 6 months (I'm giving a little extra time):
1) Dribbling when he gets excited
2) Listening and obeying
3) Deal with me leaving the room- without him
4) Jumping on people

Spark has learned a lot in the almost 2 months that I've had him. He is a lot of fun to have, but also a lot of work. He isn't afraid of anything, he is bursting with confidence all the time. He loves doing new things and meeting new people. He gets along with other dogs and he doesn't mind if they are a lot bigger then him.
Here are some pictures of how much he has grown in the past months:
Spark 2 weeks old

Spark 2.5 weeks old

Spark 3 weeks old

Spark 3 weeks old

Spark 4-5 weeks old

Spark at 7 weeks old playing with a live pigeon!

Spark 9.5 weeks old on the car ride home from KSDS

Spark with Elf at the June 4th puppy class

Spark earlier this week

Spark today (he isn't really asleep)

 Boy, he was a cute, chubby little puppy!

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  1. I just love those pictures... some of the ones where Spark is so small is just so heart warming. I also really loved the picture with Spark hanging over backwards! I can't wait to meet him next week! See you all soon.


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