Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lots of new Experiences

Ok sorry after I added those pictures it wouldn't allow me to write more.
On Sunday my dad's work had a picnic thing at the park and since Spark got his rabies and parvo shots last Monday he could come along. He wasn't on his best behavior because he hadn't had his nap and so he was very tired and that meant he was a little bit of a pain. He got to play on the playground equipment and he sat on my lap while I swung on a swing. He really enjoyed swinging and so I took a picture of him sitting on my brother J's lap on a swing.
He didn't want to "down and under" while we ate so instead he was "under and wandering". He was also being kind of bad about trying to get people's food. Since he was tired and was being disobedient when he was on the ground, I picked him up and held him. Then I had people come up and ask if he was sick or had just had surgery or something, because he was just laying so relaxed in my arms. I said no he was just tired (and he likes to be held) and that was why he was so relaxed.

Today I took him with me to let out my neighbor's horse (I'm taking care of their horse while they our out of town for the summer- it can be really hot work sometimes) to see what he would be like around a huge animal. Our pet dog Bunson came too. Spark was a little intimidated, but I think that is a good thing and an understandable thing too. I know I'd be a little wary of something that was 10 to 20 times my size walking by me or looking down at me. I was glad that he didn't try to bark at the horse or chase him because I know that this horse doesn't like dogs that do that. I got a few pictures of Spark and the horse (his name is Fi); here they are:

This picture is one I took just to show how cute he looks with a red bandana on. I had the bandana on so that he can get used to having something on his back before he gets his cape.

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  1. WOW.... so many new adventures. And, at least you have totally initiated your mom into the "keeping her humble" stage of puppy raising. We wouldn't want you too perfect just yet! :)
    What a good pup around the horses! And, you look so dapper in that bandana!


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