Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lots of new Experiences

WOW! Has it really been a week since I last wrote? Time flies when your at the ball field every evening. : )
Well, I guess I've got a lot to write to make up for the posts I didn't do last week.
First of all we had a ballgame almost every night last week. Spark and I of course went to all of them- to cheer my brothers on and to get Sparky used to being in public.
One game didn't start till 8:15pm and wasn't over until 2 hours later. Spark goes to bed at 8:30pm so the game was past his bedtime. Now he  didn't let that stop him from keeping his regular routine! My mom held him on her lap on the bleacher (when he is sleepy he gets naughty and eats anything he can find laying on the ground) and he fell asleep, but after awhile he got really heavy so Mom decided to put him on the folding chair we had brought with us. Spark didn't mind that at all, he curled right up and slept like a log. He attracted a LOT of attention from other people in the stands. We had people coming over and asking if they could take his picture because they had never seen anything like it. Other people came to tell us that they had never seen any puppy that was so laid back and calm. Now any of you who have seen him at the puppy class know that he isn't all that calm. Some people thought he looked really goofy. What do you think?

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