Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I'm not a Golden......but Courage is!

I don't know how many people in the past week have asked me if Spark is a Golden [retriever]. I guess maybe because he doesn't look like a yellow Lab they jump to the conclusion that he must be a Golden. I am reallly obsessed with knowing all the differant breeds of dogs and I have a hard time understanding people who can't tell a Lab and a Golden apart. I guess I am now officially a PR, I have people ask the strangest questions about Spark; they also ask 'how can you give them up?', I usually tell them 'the person he will help needs him way more then me.'

At the puppy class last Saturday we got to meet KSDS PIT Courage- a giant Golden. Lisa and Hosta were watching him for a few weeks and so he got to come to the class too. He is a super sweet dog and he is sooo handsome. I got to work him for awhile and I was impressed at how good he his since he isn't quite a year old. He liked Spark and I think Spark gave him some puppy kisses in the face.

Look at me and then look at the picture (s) of Courage. Do I look at all like a Golden?

L helping my brother J with Courage.

Wow! This class sure can wear a big guy like me out.

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  1. ha ha - we get that question all the time! :) welcome to puppy raising! :)


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