Friday, November 18, 2011


Do you know how many nicknames come along with a name like Spark? Well, if you don't let's just say its a lot. I knew choosing a pup whose name was Spark would probably lead to things like nicknames and more. But I think Rango would have too! (Rango is Spark's brother's name.) Don't get me wrong I like both of these names (I wouldn't want to be named Spark or Rango!) but they both lead to strange questions or multiple nicknames.

Here are some of the nicknames Spark has accumulated since I've had him:
*Sparkler (around the 4th of July)
*Sprinkler (Lisa and M gave him this nickname instead of Sparkler after they witnessed his dribbling issue)
* Spark Lee [Sparkly] (this would really only work if he was a she!)
*Sparky Boy
*Spark the Shark (when he was cutting teeth)

These are all of the names I can think of at the moment. I'm sure he'll pick up more nicknames before he gets turned in. Does your pet have any nicknames?


  1. Yes! What pet doesn't? Cali has a few nicknames: Calico, Baby, Cali Girl, etc.!

  2. I recognize that photo!!! Vance is Mr. Antsy Pants Vance!
    I think you forgot about Spark-tacular though! :)

  3. Carver is Chimpy McWhiner ( a play on the old Molly McButter commercial). He whines and it sounds just like his Chimp toy! I'm sure they'll be more.

    Ansel was Ansel Dansel, Hard Head, Sniffalickasaurus, Little Man (by Deb) and Puke Boy (by me)


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