Friday, November 11, 2011

Hilarious Habits...

I've noticed lately that Spark has a lot of very interesting habits, so I decided to write about them.
For the past month Spark has been crossing his paws almost every time he lays down in his kennel (and occasionally when he lays down elsewhere), and it always makes me smile. He acts like a gentleman (or dog?)!
This summer Spark would burp after his meals, everyday, as he walked to his water bowl.
 He would then get a drink, burp again, and then go play. It reminded me of my brothers. (Note: He did this whether he had gobbled his food up quickly or ate it slowly, so I really don't know what caused it except my brothers bad influence?!)
 Almost every time I have trimmed his claws, he has been so relaxed he falls asleep. I guess he trusts that I won't accidently cut too much! I think he trusts me more then I do. : )

Whenever Spark sees Bunson he starts to wiggle non-stop and he can't seem to keep his tongue in his mouth. He is always trying so hard to reach her so he can kiss her but she uses her greater knowledge to maneuver away from crazy-boy.
When I've been working on commands with him lately he tries to guess what command I'm going to give him before I say anything more than 'Spark'. So he'll sit, down, wait, here up, etc.! I try not to laugh when he does this because I know he really shouldn't be doing it, but sometimes that's a bit hard.
The other day I was outside trying to get a few pictures of Spark, and Bunson happened to be hanging out in the backyard too. I looked over at Bunson and she was rolling around on her back like a horse, I couldn't resist taking a few pictures because she looked so ridiculous.
Or dog?
This is a habit she has that I really don't like because she is always filthy from rolling around in the yard. I hope that Spark doesn't pick up this habit up from her. It's hard enough to keep him clean as it is. Add rolling in the dirt, leaves, etc., he'd have to have a bath every week at least!

Does your dog have any strange habits? If so I'd love to hear about them!


  1. Hehe, great post! This made me smile! :)

  2. Love it - Spark is such a character! Vance does a real poop dance. He spins when he is about to poop!

  3. I discovered KSDS and your blog recently while researching service puppy raising. I love your blog! Although I have spent hours learning about KSDS, some questions I have remain unanswered or unclear. I would very much appreciate if you could try to answer them.

    Do you have to go to Kansas to receive and return the puppy?
    Can you start raising a new puppy while you are finishing the previous one, or can you only have one at a time?
    How long do you have the puppy, and what factors make that time vary?
    Do puppies have to be a certain age before they go in public?
    Do you think I would be allowed to take a puppy to school?
    Do puppy raisers have to be at least a certain age?
    Do you teach most new commands using food or clickers, or is food not used?

    I cannot begin to thank you enough!
    -A thirteen year old future puppy raiser from Utah

  4. Em-Glad you like it!

    Lisa-Ha,ha! Vance sure is in to dancing.

    Future Puppy Raiser in Utah- I'm so glad you found KSDS and my blog. I will try my best to answer all your questions. If you want more info look at this website:

    I think you have to come to KS to pick up/turn in the pup, but I'm not sure.

    Yes, they usually let you start another pup before you turn in your previous one.

    You get the pup at 8-10 weeks old and keep them until they're 18-24 months old. It depends on how mature you're pup (and its siblings) are. Or how full the trainers at KSDS happen to be. Like right now they have 17+ dogs there for formal training and not that many trainers.

    You have to have their capes to take them in public and they don't get the cape until they have their rabies vaccine. (usually between 4-5.5 months old)

    It would be up to your school I think.

    If you are under 18 then you have to have your parents' consent.

    I think you can use a clicker or the dog kibble (these pups are only allowed to eat kibble, not treats or people food.)

    Does that answer all your questions?
    Hope you start puppy raising soon.

  5. Thanks Madison! That really helped! I am looking forward to puppy raising. I'm hoping to start early this summer.

    Thanks again!

  6. Miss Madison and Spark... I love the post. I can't wait to come visit in just over and week and see all the silliness in person... Maybe you have some habits I can teach to Fidget to make her funnier!


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