Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Little Victory- with a side of look alikes

On Sunday we did something we hadn't done with Spark since we got him. We left him home alone- in his kennel of course. We had another puppy raiser watch him the 1st 2 weeks while we went to church but I decided he needed to get used to being left at home.He was alone for 2 and 1/2 hours and he didn't have an accident (that really surprised me because he had had a ton of water before we left and he wouldn't 'go' when I took him right before he was kenneled!) Plus he wasn't howling his head off when we got home. That was also very good, because he is a pack animal and he can get very upset when he isn't with his pack (our family).

Spark's look at what I can/cannot do list:
Crate trained- kind of
Housebroken- almost!
Sit- Yes
Wait- Yes
Off- depends on the situation
Quiet- on occasion
Down- sometimes
No bite- rarely
Eat calmly and in a mannerly way-No Way
Sleep through anything, anywhere like a log- YES!!!
Love your puppy raiser more than yourself- Yes, always
Sleep through the night- almost always.

Alright I wanted you all to see a picture of Hosta (the KSDS PIT that reminds me a lot of Spark) and a picture of Spark and see if you think that they look anything like each other. Keep in mind that Hosta is 20 months old and Spark is only 3 months old so they won't look exactly alike.

(sorry this picture is sideways.)

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  1. Be still my heart!!!! He is so adorable and such a cute pup - and no, I'm not biased! :) Love your list!


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