Sunday, May 22, 2011

Busy Day At The Ballfields

Yesterday my brothers all had baseball practice. One team(2 of the boys are on the same team so we only have 2 teams-thank goodness) had a practice at 10am till 11:30am. Then we came home and had lunch before we had to leave again at 1:45 for the next teams practice. It was really a practice game. We were at that ballgame for 4 hours! Spark went to both of them and did pretty good at both. He was a little better at the game then the practice, but that is because he has already been to the one ball field 3 times so he is used to its smells and sounds. He is getting better and better every time he goes to the ball fields. I'm so proud of my little boy.
This is how Spark lays to be comfy. He did it at the ball game yesterday, goofy boy.

Spark is my constant shadow, he knows if I leave the room even if he is soundly asleep. So I decided to get a picture of him with my real shadow.


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Spark and Madison