Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rainy day...UGH

Friday it rained a good part of the day, which is a real problem when you're trying to housebreak a puppy. Spark really doesn't like to have to 'go' when its raining and I don't like having to stand in the rain waiting on him. Even though he doesn't like to 'go' in the rain, he loves to run around and get really muddy. The only good thing about the rain is that he is getting used to having to have his paws wiped off.
After it stopped raining I decided to take some pictures off Spark being Spark.

Also on Friday we lost one of our chicks to some animal. (We don't know what got it.) My brother went to check the chickens around 8am and when he entered the coop there was the chick dead in the floor. I'll spare you the gross details. But our other chick was wounded so she spent most of the day in the house-to stay warm and dry.Spark did really well and didn't really know she was inside until the evening.
Then before supper a woodpecker hit our window and was stunned for 30 minutes. This drove Spark crazy.
Spark likes to 'help' cook in the kitchen. He just manages to get in the way though.

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