Thursday, May 19, 2011


Spark is very cuddly and sweet. He is so goofy when he sleeps because he gets so relaxed and then he ends up in the silliest positions.
He loves to sit on your lap to sleep and can sleep through almost anything. Sunday he slept through someone shooting a gun close by. He sleeps almost every time he rides in the car-when he isn't sleeping he's trying to destroy things.
Here are some pictures of him sleeping.
(Sleeping on my friend E's lap on the way home from KSDS)

(Don't I look like a fox in a cage?)
(Boy it wears a puppy out jumping into a fish pond!)

Totally relaxed and working on my tan : )
(I love Madison's flip-flops, they're so comfy.)
(I love to sleep on soft things)
I tried to do a remake of the picture we took of KSDS PIT Hosta sitting on my lap when I puppy sat him in March. (We think that Spark looks and acts a lot like Hosta.) But it didn't really work .

We love my goofy boy. Who could resist him?


  1. Too adorable! Makes me want to take a nap too.

  2. Maybe when he gets to be 70 pounds you can take a pic and it will look more like Hosta! :)


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