Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Introducing Spark

Hi, my name is Spark. I am a KSDS puppy-in-training to be an assistance dog. I live with a puppy raiser for the first 16 to 22 months of my life until I go back to KSDS to start 'college'. I am an adorable red fox Labrador Retriever. I was donated to KSDS by a breeder. My parents names are Beta and Dollar. I get my nice hair color from my Dad [Dollar]. I am 12 weeks old and have lived with my puppy raiser Madison and her family for exactly 2 weeks now. I already adore my Madison and she loves me too. In these past 2 weeks I've had so many exciting adventures. I will do my best to retell all of my past adventures and the ones that will come.

The day after I got to go home with Madison I got to go meet her grandparents. They were nice but the thing I loved most about their house was the giant drinking bowl in the backyard that had little orange moving things in it. Madison says it's a fish pond and the moving things are fish. Well I thought it looked like the perfect thing to dive into -head first. So I did and it was sooo cold. It was only 70 degrees outside and I was soaked to the skin. Madison and her family laughed at me but then Madison dried me off. I slept really well after that.

This is Me and Madison on the long trip home from KSDS.

I get to be around a toddler 2 days a week. I like her and I think that she likes me too. I think if she goes around saying 'Parky' all the time then that is a sign of admiration.

I have already gone to 2 ballgames and 1 practice. I love baseball because there is a lot going on all the time and when there is a calm point during the ballgame I sleep. I also went on 2 playgrounds with weird stairs and down 3 slides (with Madison).

I went to my first puppy party last Saturday. At first I was a little scared because all of the big dogs wanted to sniff me, but after a while I joined in on the fun. I really like Shelby she's nice and lets me win when we play-fight.

I have to share the house with my grouchy big sister who doesn't like me at all. Her name us Bunson and she is Madison's family's pet dog. She is huge and very scary, she is like 120 lbs. and she enjoys making sneering faces at me. She growls a lot and snaps at me when I try her patience-which is quite often. But I will try to get her to like my handsome self . Plus there are these wonderful things outside that I love to scare by running up to their fence like a maniac. They're called chickens and they hate when I chase them, but I love it.

These are all the things that I remember doing in the last 2 weeks. Oh, and something that Madison is happy about is that the last 2 nights I've slept until 6 or 6:20 am. without having to get up once during the night. Hurray for me.


  1. Miss Madison and Sparky.... I am so glad that you have a blog. Fidget and I will be following you from California. We can't wait to hear about all your adventures. We loved seeing all the pictures.

  2. Very cool! Love the blog and being able to see all the adorable pictures of both of you!! You're a great writer Spark! I'm impressed :)


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