Sunday, December 11, 2011

What the heck happened to Ansel...

* After much nagging from Spark I decided to let him write about his adventure this time. (Remember your manners Sparky!)
For those of you who didn't bother to read My Girl's little note (above), its me, Spark. I was able to get MG (My Girl) to listen when I said that I needed to write this. Okay, enough babbling.

 Yesterday, My Girl woke me up early and seemed to be in a hurry. I ate. Then asked to come back inside, but MG wouldn't let me come in. When she did let me in she put me right in my kennel! Not cool. I waited for  a while then I heard someone knock on the front door. I barked to let MG know someone was here. She let me out of my kennel, put my leash on, grabbed her coat and a bag with stuff in it (I think my food was in there!), and rushed to take me outside. She wanted me to hurry and do my business, but I was in no huge hurry; MG didn't appreciate this. I decided I better please her. We then rushed back inside. Who do you think was standing in my dining room? Hosta's mom Lisa! I was so happy to see her I decided to give her a hug. MG didn't allow this. Geesh! I thought you wanted me to be more affectionate.

We said our goodbyes to MG's family and went out to Lisa's car. I was hoping Hosta got some sort of Christmas break from KSDS U, but apparently you don't get any breaks in college.(Glad I still have almost a year before I have to worry about college life.) No, Hosta wasn't in the car but Grouchy Pants Vance was. He wasn't very keen on the idea of having me ride with him at first, but I made him warm up to me.

We were in the car for what seemed like a long time. When we stopped and we were finally set free (let out of the car) I recognized the place immediatly. It was Ansel's Town! We were going to see Ansel again! And maybe go to the lake?! Or so I thought... Boy! was I wrong.

WOW! I didn't know you could speak our language SWMBO!

Ansel's car pulled into the parking lot and TBG and SWMBO stepped out and headed to the back of the car. Out came a little yellow puppy. I thought I either really grew a lot since I was here in July or TBG and SWMBO really couldn't stand to give Ansel up so they stuck him in the dryer. Nope after I got a whiff of the pup I know it couldn't be Ansel. It was Carver. Ansel went back to CCI college and this little guy came to live in Ansel's house instead.

We walked around town and saw all the places I had seen when I was Carver's size.
Lighten up Vance! Here I'll 'help'.

'Down and under' kind of...

Look, there's a big truck!
This is my better side.
 We stopped at the laundromat to...see birds! They didn't really like having dogs in there territory and they let us know. For such little things they make a lot of noise! Vance wasn't all that interested in them, but I was! We couldn't get a picture of me other then this one and all you can see is my sad face.
The Tin Man.

I no longer try shoplifting  toys though.
Don't tempt me.

MG, I really won't take them!

I didn't like the Native American statue at first. MG couldn't figure out why I was barking at it. But after I saw that Vance wasn't bothered by it I manned up and had my picture taken with it (again). I grew a little bit in the 4-5 months between visits. See:
July 2011
December 2011

Then we stopped at the Cottage House Hotel and met the nice owners. They took our picture. (You can see it on Carver's blog.)

Let me tell you that after a while I was sick of having my picture taken so I posed myself. MG was less than thrilled about this. See what I mean:

Then we went to Carver's house to play and for the Peeps to eat lunch. Do you know how long people take to eat when you really want to go outside and play fetch with your buddies? A LONG TIME!!!!

Hop over to Carver's blog to see pictures and a video of our playtime. The pictures of Vance and I with Carver outside aren't accurate. Vance was the one who wasn't pleased with Carver. I really didn't mind him that much.

By the end of the day I was exhausted. Here are a few unflattering pictures MG took of me that evening:

EXCUSE ME! I was asleep until you disturbed me.

Thanks Carver and TBG and SWMBO for inviting us. It was a ton of fun.


  1. What a great time we had!! I was sooo exhausted after you left. I slept the rest of the day and most of Sunday.

    You'll have to come back in the summer for some quality swim time. I can't wait for that.

  2. I'll have to show you how to swim like a pro in the summer!

    Next time let's have a tongue measuring contest- I should be able to win that one!!


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