Saturday, May 28, 2011


This morning around 7:15 my adorable and sweet little puppy ate....A Mouse! Luckily it was OUTSIDE in our backyard, not in the house. I had just spotted it as he lunged for it and before I knew what he was doing he had it in his mouth. By the time I reached him (about 15 seconds later) he had already swallowed it! It wasn't a huge mouse, but I was still surprised he could swallow it without really chewing it. He isn't acting sick but I'm sure we haven't escaped him getting sick yet. My little boy is a little bit of a gross boy sometimes.


  1. Who needs a cat when you have Spark?!!

  2. canyon, my almost 2 year old golden retriever, brought me a mouse about a week ago when I was sitting outside watching the dogs play in the yard. He wanted me to go get him a toy, but I ignored his request, so he went and found a HUGE mouse! My husband thinks it might have been already dead and said it was like the size of his thumb along with the squishy part below the lowest joint. I had reached out to see what Canyon had, thought he had a stick, and felt something fuzzy between his lips. I jumped up and told him to go away lol! I then told him to drop it and leave it. My husband found it on the grass just off to the side from the steps where I had been sitting.

    I'm really hoping I don't have that experience again!

  3. Wow! I'm glad Spark didn't try to give me his mouse to play with. Our family dog has done things like that before though. It is pretty disgusting.


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