Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday= Funday...

Today, Spark and I got together with Lisa and Vance for a little shopping/training/fun in Lawrence. I wasn't sure at first how Spark would do since the minute Lisa and Vance arrived and we went out to greet them he broke loose from his Gentle Leader and started running around like a wild thing. Thankfully we've been working on his 'come' lately so he came and after a few tries Lisa and I managed to grab him.

We went to Target first and worked on distracting the dogs with water balls of different sizes because both of them have a thing for toys and balls. At first Spark was a mess trying to jump and get the ball or trying to lunge and get it. But he did calm down enough to sit and stare at Lisa while she bounced a ball up and down in front of him. We headed over to the toy aisle and played with the loud, annoying toys but they didn't seem to phase the dogs to much. Lisa tried fooling them by trying a few masks on but that didn't fool our smart boys! We traded dogs then and walked around some. We tested them in the pet aisle where there was some spilled dog food; we made them do a down right in front of the food and made them leave it alone. Neither of them was too thrilled about it, but Spark (after he finally did a down) left it alone while Vance snagged a piece that I soon took away from him. When we were checking out we made both boys do a 'go up' to see the cashier.

We then went to Wal-Mart where we played with more balls and had a little kid bounce one past the dogs a few times. This time they handled it a lot better. Lisa played around with some bike horns that made loud terrible noises, the dogs watched her but became bored with it after awhile.

We walked through Bed,Bath and Beyond and World Market before heading over to Mandi's to pick up Clara. She is an adorable little fuzz ball. We stopped by Lisa's sister's house before heading back to my house so that she could meet Clara. I forgot I had my camera with me till we were on the way home so I only have pictures of in the car. : (

Precious! : )

She looked up after I took the first pic to see what I was doing!

Terrible picture of me because I was laughing at the boys(dogs)!

This bad boy really wanted to meet Clara so he climbed onto the seat. : (

It was a very fun Sunday and probably the last time we'll see Vance until he graduates. : ( Good luck in college bud. We'll miss you but know you're doing bigger, better things!

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  1. Oh good - you posted about it. I haven't had a chance to. It was a great time and hopefully we can do it again with Clara soon.


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