Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A little better every day

Last night we had another baseball practice to go to. But Spark did a really good job; he gets better every time. He did do kind of poorly when he was tired, he is always on his worst behavior when he's sleepy. He had been really good about leaving the shells (from sunflower seeds and peanuts) alone the whole rest of the evening, but when he got tired he just wouldn't listen to me. I'm not sure if you ever notice how much food scrap type things are on the ground at the ballpark (and other places too) until you have to teach your PIT to 'leave-it' at the ballgame. I think that the ball park is a great place to work your dog on his/her 'leave-its' and 'mind your businesses'. We had a lot more myb's last night than we've had before at the ballpark, because 2 other people had brought their dogs too. Spark only noticed one of the dogs (there was a dacshund and a poodle) and it took him a whole half hour before he noticed her. I am not sure he would have noticed her at all if we hadn't had to walk past her. But after he saw that beautiful black poodle named Marley, he didn't want to have to leave her. But he had to because I made him and I made sure he didn't get close to her at all. I was playing it safe since he still has one more set of shots.
(Here is a picture of Marley the black poodle. Sorry it is so blurry but I had to take it from afar.)

He did figure out after we walked past the other dog 3 times that he was not supposed to try to go play with her but instead he should stay with me.
When we were walking to the entrance/exit a goose flew way above us honking, and it took my little smarty only a few seconds to figure out where the sound was coming from. He looked up and watched the goose fly away.

There is a large wooden bench at the entrance to the ballpark and Spark wanted me to take a picture of him sitting on and 'guarding' the entrance. He is a goofus.

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