Monday, July 11, 2011

An Update

We've been really busy with family for the last 10 days and so I never found enough time to post about what we've been up to lately.
Spark had 2 more outings last week and was a star! My Mom, Spark and I went to Best Buy becase my Mom needed to get something. I was a little afraid that Spark was going to be a bit of a pill in the store, because when we were in the parking lot on our way inside he was being a bad boy. But the minute we walked through the doors he changed his attitude and was pretty much perfect. Everyone was really nice and just smiled at Spark; a few of the people that worked there came over to see him and asked what he was 'in training' for. They also asked/said 'What kind of dog is he?' 'How old his he?' 'Wow! He is huge for being only 4 months old.' 'He's really well behaved.' What a cute puppy!'
Spark enjoyed the nice comments and I think he walked around with his a head a little higher than normal. : )
After we were done at Best Buy we went to CVS Pharmacy. He did pretty well there,but when he heard a squeaky toy and so he tried to figure out where it was coming from and didn't pat attention to me for a few seconds. After that we walked through the dog aisle and I only had to tell him 'leave it' once! Hurray!!!
He was fine as long as we stayed of the carpet- there was a lot of trash that I'd never really noticed was there before. But he did his fair share of impressing people at this store too. I was very proud of him.

This past Saturday was the monthly puppy party for the KC/Lawrence area PRs. It was not organized at all because Lisa and Hosta weren't able to make it and they're the ones in charge of it usually. Spark enjoyed getting to see his friends (there weren't many there though), but he really wanted them to pay attention to him so he started barking [a new thing for him] and wouldn't quit. We did a few training things and Spark got to be a distraction- something he is great at! He really loved the seemingly endless water bowl we had for the dogs and he thought that he needed to get a drink EVERY time another dog got one. He did not need to but he got one anyway, which meant we had to go outside for him to 'go' almost every 20 minutes.  That wasn't fun considering it was 90+  degrees out. But all in all it was a fun day.
What a goofy expression!

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  1. oh my goodness he makes me laugh! makes me feel bad I turned down one of the new puppies. Anyway, YAY for being such a good distraction. Sorry it was a bit chaotic. I came back with a few more exercises we can do!!! :)


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