Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Close Call

Last night my brothers had ballgames (again!) and so we were at the ball fields for the whole evening. Spark came too. I thought about leaving him home since it was soooo hot outside (close to 100 degrees), but then I decided he wouldn't make it to well in his crate for 5+ hours. I made him spend as much time inside as possible yesterday- he didn't like that. We went to the 2 younger boys game first and Spark had a ton of ice cubes (they're a wonderful way to keep him hydrated and keep him from wanting to bite at things since he still has teeth coming in) so that kept him pretty cool.
Then between games we went to DQ with my grandparents, aunt and cousin. Spark came in with us and did really well. A few people looked at us when we came in but they didn't say anything. Spark heeled and did a pretty good job of ignoring the food stuff in the floor. We got our ice cream and then sat down; at first Spark didn't want to sit down but after a while he did end up laying down. I was shocked at how well he did because we were sitting right by the trash can and people were walking by and throwing things away and I know the floor smelled like food and probably had food on it. He only barked for a few seconds ONCE when he was trying to get this little girl to notice him. Good Spark.

Look how good I am! : )

I guess I'll relax...

After we were done at DQ we went onto my other brother's game. We had been there for 45 minutes or so when this young man came up to me and said something along the lines of  you have to take your dog out of the complex because we only allow service animals in here not pets. You can go beyond that point, but your dog can't be in here. (Spark wasn't wearing his cape because I thought it was way too hot for him to wear it and he shouldn't need to wear it here.) I had seen the sign on the entrances before that said only service animals were allowed in the complex but people bring there pets in there all the time! So after a bit of talking  to the guy my Mom and I finally got him to let us stay when we told him that Spark is a PIT and told him about KSDS. Then he told us of we ever had any problems again just tell the person he is a service dog. It was a close call. I was thinking 'come on we've been bringing him here since the early part of May and  now they're having a problem with him being here? He's behaving himself. I have seen other dogs that maybe would be a problem but Spark is not a problem.'

But that was an interesting experience, not one I was expecting. I guess Lisa and Hosta and Shelby came to the right game (the one where they didn't almost get kicked out!)

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  1. He is a lot better behaved than the other dogs we saw there at the last game! He's a very good doggie! And, YAY for ignoring all the food at DQ. That is SOOOOOO hard.


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