Wednesday, August 24, 2011

6 for 6

Today we got back from visiting my sister and I am glad to be home again. We picked Spark up about an hour ago and it was amazing how much he grew in a week and 1/2. Today he turns 6 MONTHS OLD!!
I can't believe that in as early as 1 year from now he could be going in for formal training! I doubt it because here are 30+ other dogs that will be turned in before him and his brother Rango.

Here are my SIX favorite things about Spark:

1) His wonderful red coloring and his unique expressions.

2) His willingness to work and to please me.

3) His amazing heeling. (Much better than Bunson.)

4) The way he gets along with other dogs and doesn't seem to notice if they're bigger than he is!

5) His playfulness.

6) Spark!! : )

I know when he was 4 months I made a list of the things he needed to get better at before he turned 6 months. Let's see how well he has done...

1) Dribbling when he gets excited... This hasn't improved much at all so he gets to go to the vet soon to figure out WHAT his problem is.

2) Listening and obeying... The one thing that you can actually really see the difference. I think that both of these get better with maturity. Spark has matured quite a bit since June.

3) Deal with me leaving the room- without him... This has become a little better but it is still hard for him- especially when he knows where I am.

4) Jumping on people... He has gotten a lot better about not doing this but he sometimes still needs reminded not to.

Not as good as I had expected back in June but it is still pretty awesome.

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  1. Happy 6 months Spark! You did grow so much. And, listened so well to your puppy raiser!


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