Thursday, September 29, 2011

Back again...

Well we're back. Spark had a good time at Lisa's and was super exhausted when I picked him up Tuesday. Thanks Lisa, Ellie, and Vance for wearing him out!

He got to go to the dog park Sunday with Lisa and Vance, C and Elf, and B, Aria and Encore. There was a lake at the dog park and from the pics I would say that Spark had a blast.

Is this a lake that I see? Hurray!

Yes, I'm sitting, waiting...Just throw the toy Lady!

UGH! Water in my ears.

Give ME the toy Aria!!

Then he got a bath. He always looks so sad when he has to have a bath.

I love you, but why are you doing this to me?!

How can you sleep through all this Elf? Save me.

So tired...must curl up and sleep.
Spark did surprisingly well Saturday at the ball fields. We were there from 11ish am until around 6:30 pm.
He had a lot of 'leave its' and he also had to behave himself because they only allow working dogs in the complex (the complex is built on a field and has NO sidewalks).

There were a lot of little children playing just behind where we were sitting. He watched them but didn't bark at them or try to chase them. When he saw a lady with a baby and toddler walk past he became very interested and sniffed the air but held his down.

We had a late lunch at the ball field and Spark was a good boy and decided it would be wise to sleep while we ate. He enjoyed watching the ballgames every now and then and would always pay attention when a ball hit the fence in front of us.

He was ready for bed when he got to Lisa's and fell asleep on her feet. I think he helped her not miss Hosta so much...or at least I hope so! : )


  1. He did help me not miss Hosta so much! He's such a good boy!

  2. I'm glad he was a help and not a pain. He does have a way of keeping smiles on faces!:)


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