Friday, December 30, 2011

New Toys!!!!

Hi, Spark here. My Girl said I could tell all of my fans what I got for Christmas.

First I got some rawhide, but I ate it all already so I can't show you any pictures.

Then I got a really nice, BIG Nylabone bone from My Girl's grandparents. I like it a lot. Here are few pictures of it:

The last toy I got (it is certainly not the least) was a Ginormous, green Goughnut! I love it. Thanks L,S, A, and Fidget. I think it is my new favorite toy. I get really mad at My Girl when she takes it out of my kennel at bedtime. I try whining and staring at it and then back at her to see if I can make her give it back to me, but so far it hasn't worked. I'll keep trying though.

I forgot I also got some Pup-peroni, but since I'm not allowed to eat that stuff (major bummer) Bunson gets it instead.

What did you get for Christmas? Did anyone get coal???

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