Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July/2 Month Marker

Happy 4th of July!! I hope everyone is having a safe and fun-filled day. Enjoy eating lots of yummy food and watching fantastic fireworks. We are!!
Today marks exactly 2 whole months of Spark living with us. I can't believe that only 2 months ago I went to KSDS and picked up my cuddly, chubby, little 9 1/2 week old puppy. He is still cuddly but "little and chubby" are not exactly the words I would use to describe him now. I think that big, skinny, tall, lanky, lean, etc., would be closer to the truth. I think it is nice of everyone to shoot of fireworks in honor of this marker. : )
Spark is fascinated by the fireworks and really wants to run at them and eat them or help light them. I don't let him and that makes him very mad. I like that he isn't afraid of them (like our dog Bunson) but it would be nice if he didn't like them quite so much. I haven't seen ANYTHING that bothers Spark for more than a few seconds.
He is full of confidence, which is a great thing.

Have a great 4th.

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