Sunday, July 31, 2011

Party time...

Wow! I am falling down on updating. I will just do the various happenings of today and yesterday and will attempt an update later this week.

Yesterday I had a little party with Hosta and his PR Lisa and Shelby's PR M (Shelby wasn't able to come :[ ). My friend E also came to join in on the puppy fun. I didn't take any pictures, sorry! We had an obstacle course set up for the dogs and also the kiddie pool (which they enjoyed jumping in and out of) and some fun games for the dogs and their people.

We let the dogs chase each other and play in the pool for awhile while the people visited. Then we went to work on the obstacle course. Both dogs did really well. They had to jump over things, go through things and go around things. Spark loved the jumping over things. We changed the obstacle course up a bit and had the dogs walk across a ladder that we had laid on the ground. Spark had no problem doing it, but Hosta didn't think it was so fun, he did it though. We took turns with different dogs working with different people. They rocked (the dogs and the people).

We went back inside and did a few fun doggie games like 'find your human',  'hide and and go find the other dog', and show me your best/favorite trick (dog). By the end of it the puppies were very tired and just wanted to sleep. Here is a picture M took:
  It was really fun. Thanks to Lisa and Hos, M and E for making yesterday a : )

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