Monday, August 8, 2011

What's New and What's Old...

Okay, I can't believe it took me a week to finally do the update I said I would.
I'll start with the small things and work my way up to the big stuff.

*Spark is now 5 months old and weighs close to 32 lbs.

* Spark has lost 7 more teeth and I found 6 of them.

* Spark is doing wonderfully when we go into public. On Monday we took him to a bookstore, Orschlens, and Kwik Shop. He was awesome in the bookstore and heeled wonderfully and laid down while I looked through the books. He also had to 'mind his business' because there were people with children looking at books right next to us. He did a great job!!! At Orschlens it was a bit harder for him because there were a lot of new, interesting smells, plus a lot of trash and stuff on the floor. But all in all he was a pretty perfect little (not really 'little' anymore!) puppy.

* We got kicked out of Kwik Shop! They said they didn't allow any dogs unless they had their official papers saying that they were an assistance dog. They also said it a lot of other useless nonsense. So Spark and I went back out to the car while the rest of my family got what we had come their for- some soda.

* My birthday was last Sunday and I decided I wanted to take Spark to church to see how he would do. I was kind of expecting him to bark, or whine, or have an accident. So I was thrilled when the only problem that he had was that he could lay down and kind of hold still for any longer than 35 minutes. The floor also slopes so he kept sliding down into the people in front of me (luckily it was my family). I ended up missing the sermon, because Spark decided he wasn't going to hold still for it. The 2 of us got to walk around the church- inside and out. He did fantastic and impressed me with a lot of things... I just he would have just slept through the sermon. He was tired and slept all the way to and from church, just he couldn't sleep through the service.

I think that is everything exciting that has happened around here lately. 


  1. You found the teeth????? We never saw any of Ansel's! Sure was nice though when those little shark teeth went away.

  2. So far I think Rogue has lost about 5 or 6 teeth and we only found the first 2 :( She is only four months old right now, but already weighs 29.5lbs, is 17 inches tall and 15 inches long - she's going to be a big girl I think.

    It sure sounds as though Spark has been doing quite well with his training :)


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