Thursday, August 11, 2011

Spark's on Vacation...

Spark left yesterday to go spend some time with his best buddy Hosta for a while.(My sister's baby is due any day now and my mom and I are supposed to go help her after the baby is born. She lives out of state and I knew it wouldn't work out very well to have Spark come with us and my brothers didn't want to have to deal with him.) So Lisa and a few other PRs volunteered to watch him for me.

I miss him a lot and he's only been gone a little over 24 hours. From the update(s) I've received from Lisa it sounds like he is having sooooo much fun he doesn't even miss me. : )   :(
I guess I should be relieved I don't have to worry about him but I've had him by my side for the last 3 months and it seems strange not to have him around.
It is good for him though, because he gets to be in a work environment, be with other dogs, and be with experienced puppy raisers.

When we dropped him off (at Lisa's work) we got a little tour and then Lisa made me a little something she'd made me with a picture of Spark I'd sent her. It was a really nice blown up picture of him.

 See isn't it an AMAZING photo!? Thanks Lisa- I love it. : )

This is why I miss him. He is just so loving (and goofy). I can't wait to hear about all of the fun things he's done. I know he will be enjoying playing with Hosta...and kissing him!
I'll enjoy my vacation and I already know Sparkler is enjoying his.

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