Sunday, June 19, 2011

We're Official!!!

YEAH! Spark got his 'Puppy-In-Training' cape in the mail yesterday. I would of thought it would have been here earlier in the week, because I sent Deb an email with a scan of his rabies certification (or so I thought.) So I emailed her again after I still hadn't received his cape or any word from Deb saying that she had received my email. Sure enough the email hadn't gone through, but luckily I had sent her the scan again too, so she said she would stick the cape in the mail on Thursday. I was not expecting it to get here until at least Monday. I took some pictures of Spark in his cape, doesn't he look adorable?
He didn't like his cape, he wouldn't hold still to 'get dressed', and when I finally got his cape on (with some help from Mom) all he did was try to 'get undressed'. He grabbed the strap and tugged at it and spun in a circle. He tried it on again today and did a little better, but he still needs a lot of work.

Spark's side of the story:
Yesterday, I had just warned my Madison that someone had opened the garage door and I had showed her that I wanted to go see who it was. So she took me and told me that it was just her mom and J but I had to see/smell for myself. She was right. :( Then she got really excited when J handed her a big envelope, before I knew what she was doing we were upstairs again and I was outside. So I decided to get a drink and then go to the window and give my Madison my poor desperate puppy look. It worked she let me in!!! But then she picked me up and let me sniff this weird blue thing, it smelled like other dogs. Then my Madison started to put the weird thing on me! I wouldn't let her do that to me, she got it on me but it was too loose and I being smart got out of it. She adjusted and then tried again but I wiggled around like a fish until she gave up. Well I thought she had given up but she had just stopped to ask her mom for help. Between the 2 of them they got that crazy thing on me and than they started saying goofy and stupid things about me. While they jabbered I walked around and tried to rid myself of the awful blue thing. But my Madison stopped me and told me to be good. I tried but I hate that blue thing.My Madison says I look really nice in it and I do like looking nice. If you think I look nice then maybe I'll be good and wear the blue thingie. But ONLY if I look HANDSOME in it.
P.S. Happy Father's Day to my daddy Dollar. I miss you-kind of. : )

Side note: He got his big boy surgery done on Friday and I guess he wasn't very well behaved in the kennel at the vet. The vet tech asked if I'd been crate training him, and I said yes, but she said he had not been good in the kennel at all! That was kind of surprising because he is getting to be a lot better in his crate at home. The vet tech said when she carried him out to me that she wished he would act more like he had just had surgery; he was trying to run and jump all over and then he started to pee on the floor! : ) : (The one thing I'm not liking is that he can't play or do any exercising until tomorrow (for 3 days after the surgery), so I'm supposed to keep him calm until then. So he has had a lot of crate time the  last few days. It is really hard to keep a 4 month old (almost) puppy 'calm'.

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