Friday, June 17, 2011

Would you like a 'Puppy Cup'?

Last night, after my brothers Q and S's batting practice, we stopped at DQ for a snack. We went through the drive-thru since we had Sparkle with us. It took a while for them to make our blizzards and while we were sitting there with the window down waiting Spark sat up and started to smell the food smells in the air. The girl at the drive-thru window saw him and asked if we'd like a puppy 'cup' and my Mom said yes. I was thinking what in the world is a 'puppy cup'? They handed us our ice cream and then they handed us our 'puppy cup'...which is just a plastic lid thing with a bit of vanilla ice cream in it! We of course did NOT give it to our 'puppy' (since KSDS doesn't allow the pups to have any thing but their dog food) instead one of my brothers ate it. I don't think I'd ever give a dog ice cream, but I guess some people do. I thought this was kind of funny.
Spark I guess got a little mad that he didn't get it,because after they dropped me off at our neighbor's so I could lock up the horse, he stole a lick of my mom's blizzard. BAD BOY!!!

It is really quiet around here with Spark at the vet. I hope he is being a good boy. This morning it was pouring outside when Spark wanted to go 'out'. He refused to even try to 'go', so I brought him back in and put him in his crate. Within 5 minutes I heard a sound that sounded like rain IN HIS CRATE. He had peed in his crate. So I took him back outside and then I came back in to clean up his crate and stick his bedding in the washer. I was not very happy at him for doing this. Why are dogs so stubborn about not wanting to 'go' when it is rainy outside?

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