Friday, August 19, 2011

Busy, Busy...

Wow! I've had a bit of a whirlwind weekend/week. Sunday was puppy class so I got to see Spark then. (More details on that later.) Also since my sister still hadn't had her baby we decided to bring Spark home again after the class. He got to spend about 20 hours at home before he got in the car again and headed back to his good friend Hosta's house. (My sister had her baby and so my mom and I  headed out to see her Tuesday.)

From what I've heard Spark is being good and keeping Hosta tired out (and Lisa too, I think), because Hosta was sleeping and Spark was taking all of the dog toys and hauling them into the living room. He can be so silly sometimes.

But now I'm hanging out at my sister and BIL's house and we go to the hospital every day to see them...Okay let's be a bit more truthful- we go to see my niece. She is sooooo super sweet and precious.  She is also really smart for a 3 day old baby. (We also go to the hospital to help my sister and bring her things like chocolate bars.) I'll write more about my niece later. And I will try to do a post about puppy class next week...

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