Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hair Salon...

Today Spark got to go to the hair salon for the first time (no it wasn't for him or me...it was for my mom!). He did a really good job at the Salon!

We got to downtown (where the Salon is located) a little early so that Spark could experience walking/working on Mass. Street. But stupid me, I forgot his Gentle Leader; so he ended up being a bit of a pill.

We stopped in a really  cool clothing store to pick up a few things, they were really nice and thought Spark was so cute. They even started talking baby talk to him! That didn't help calm him down, I think it actually excited him more.

When we were done there we decided to stop at 'The Dusty Bookshelf', this is a bookstore that has piles of books all over on the floor. Plus they have a cat that lives in the store, I actually wasn't sure if they would allow Spark to be in the store because of this. But they didn't seem to have any big problem with us being there, so we stayed. I don't think Spark ever SAW the cat, even though we walked by it several times, but I know he smelled it! The cat was hiding in a chair that was almost the same color as itself so it was not too noticeable. The cat was paying very close attention to Spark the whole time we were there, I think we really shocked the poor thing. : )

We left the bookstore kind of quickly because Spark was being a bit of a misbehaved brat. We crossed the street and went into the Salon. We had to walk up a flight of stairs to get to the Salon and apparently the person behind us was talking to Spark.

Spark was a little bit crazy still when we walked through the door into the Salon. He really wanted to be petted when he saw all of the people. But after about 5 minutes he settled down and slept or rested at least. He left all of the hair and stuff on the floor alone.

HA, HA, I'm not going to listen to YOU!!

This is my Hosta imitation. Stop, Drop, Sleep! : )

Bad picture I know, but this way you can see he was in a Salon.

The other client who was in there was talking to they lady doing her hair and I don't think she knew I heard her. She looked over at Spark and me in this weird way and then she told the hairdresser, "You know you can buy those 'service dog' vests online?"

Hairdresser: "No, I didn't. How did you know?"

Lady: "Oh, a friend of mine did it so that she could bring her dog in public with her."

Hairdresser: "OH! What kind of dog does she have?"

Lady: "A Golden."

Hairdresser: "What does she do when she's confronted? I'd be too afraid to do that, I'm sure I'd get caught and then I'd be so embarrassed."

Lady: "She never gets confronted. She can just do what she wants. All her dog has to do is lay at her feet. I've actually considered doing it with my own dog, since it's so well behaved. But it's too big to lay at my feet."

I couldn't believe this. I mean I know people do this, but to pretty much brag about it to someone?!
I had to work really hard NOT to go up to this lady and tell her how bad that makes us ACTUAL puppy raisers and assistance dog users look.  It was also as if she didn't think that Spark is actually a Puppy-In-Training.

This was a new experience for me. I guess this was just one of those 'Interesting' people you meet when you're a puppy raiser.

This same lady stepped over Spark while he was resting like 5 times. He held his 'down-stay' amazingly enough! I was so proud of him.

When Mom's haircut was finally over I let her hairdresser pet Spark since she had wanted to and he was behaving himself.

We had a good afternoon and figured out that Spark needs to go on Mass. Street again...with his Gentle Leader next time though. I guess that will be another blogging opportunity!

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