Saturday, October 15, 2011

This Week...

Spark and I have had  a relatively boring week. No outings, no walks, nothing special. Mainly, I've been working on his training. Since he behaved so poorly at the puppy party Sunday, I decided he needed to work on his 'leave-its' on toys and other things that distract him. He also needs to be around my brothers when they are playing catch in the house, I used to just put him in the kennel. So we worked on all of that this week and he seems to be doing better.

His 2 new favorite things to do are:
*Trying to fit two or more things in his mouth at the same time (his Kong and a stick, his Nylabone and his Kong, his Kong bone and a hedge-apple, etc.)! The amazing thing is that he almost always succeeds!!!
*To lean against your leg when you give him attention. It is so sweet.

On Thursday I rearranged the furniture in my room and Spark was in his kennel watching me. When I was done he really wanted out of his kennel, I let him out and he had to run around my room sniffing everything and wagging his tail. I think he likes the new arrangement because it gives him more room to play.

I guess Spark did get to do something kind of fun this week, I decided to try him on a tie-down one night. He did really well, he made it from 8:30 pm to 4:30 am! He probably could have lasted longer, but because he was wiggling so much I decided I'd put him in his kennel.

Yesterday, Spark decided what he wants to be for Halloween...A Wildcat!

I thought that was a great idea, since K-State donates lots of things to KSDS.
I think purple is Spark's color!
Well I have to go work with my 'Wildcat'.

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  1. A wildcat? In Jayhawk country? ha ha.... that Spark sure is brave!!


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