Saturday, October 8, 2011


*Spark's version, not mine.
 My Girl decided I get to write this post. Hurray! She is beginning to realize that I have some amazing writing skills...I think. 

Today, My Girl finally let me have a friend over! I got to have my amigo McLaren (from the 'Fast Cars' litter) come spend a few hours in my was pretty cool.
The only BIG problem with McLaren is that he's a Golden, which means he likes people and attention a lot more than other dogs and playing like a wild thing. The other thing about Goldens is they all think they're handsome/beautiful. McLaren is no exception, he seemed to think he was hot stuff (which can't be because Hosta is "Hot Stuff"), so I had to bring him back down to earth. 

Whereas Labs just think...okay I guess we do think we're pretty awesome too, but Goldens take it to the next level. I mean just look at this picture My Girl took of him:

I can't help but love you...Please love me too! : )
Doesn't he look like he thinks he needs a red carpet rolled out for him to walk on?

Alright, My Girl says I need to can the criticism.  I had to show McLaren what it is like to live in the country. He actually liked the chickens and I don't mean as in wanted to eat them, I mean he wanted to be their friend! That seemed a bit weird to me, but I'm not one to criticize. : )

I took him up into what my family calls the 'goat pen' even though they don't have goats anymore. It's really just the fenced-in part of the woods behind the house. He liked it and explored with me for awhile, but he didn't really like how hilly it is. I am used to all the hills, but apparently he isn't.

We chased each other around for fun and My Girl threw toys for us to retrieve. Then it was nap time. I had to be in my kennel while McLaren got to lay on the floor. NOT FAIR!!!!

After naps we went back outside and My Girl took pictures of us playing. Here are some of the pictures she took:
How many dogs do you see? (answer: 2)

What do you want now MG? McLaren wants in.

Pose for picture...Good dogs! (Bad pic of MG.)

Did you need ME?

One pup or two?

Don't look now...but I think she's taking our picture!

I'm not IN the doghouse, I'm ON it!!!

Does this make me appear silly? I hope not.

This is the way a tired Golden drinks. : )
But McLaren got bored being outside and so he got to go inside with My Girl while I was left outside. : (

I don't know much about what happened after that because My Girl put me in my kennel and was gone for a while and when she came back McLaren was nowhere to be found.

I hope you enjoyed hearing what MY day was like. I will write again whenever My Girl lets me (or when I can sneak on here when she isn't looking...).
Bye for now,

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  1. WOW, looks like an amazing time! You are so nice to invite Mr. Majestic McLaren to come play with you. Such a nice host! And writer!


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