Thursday, January 19, 2012

'Look there's a puppy!'...

Recently I've noticed when I take Spark into stores most of the little kids who see him seem to say something like: 'Look Mommy, there's a puppy!' Or 'Daddy did you see that cute little puppy?' Or the funniest one I've heard is "Mommy! There's a doggie in here. What's a doggie doing in here!?"
Its always hard not to laugh out loud.

The funny thing is that Spark loves kids and the younger they are the more excited he is to see them. Whenever he hears kids say these things he always perks up and looks all cute and almost starts prancing. It seems like he is thinking: "Oh, My Girl! Look, did you see that adorable little kid? Can I please go lick him/her? Just one little teensy lick? PLEASE????"  Nope. Sorry buddy, but you're working and I can't have you being distracted.

Poor Spark! I almost never let him do what he wants. : )

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