Sunday, May 29, 2011


We were very surprised today when we got home from church. We had left Spark at home in his crate while we were at church. I had made sure that all of the latches on the crate's door were securely latched (he got out once when they weren't securely closed) so he couldn't get out.

Well when we got home we opened the door that leads from the garage into the house we heard a bark (it sounded a lot closer than my bedroom) and then...Spark came running down the stairs to greet us! We were all a little worried. What had he destroyed? How long had he been out? Most importantly HOW had he gotten out of his crate?

This is the sight that greeted us when we got upstairs. I know it's not that bad. Plus he didn't destroy anything-all he did was bring everything that was on the floor in my room out to the living room. Oh, he also took my flip flops out of the basket by the backdoor. So we figure he hadn't been out more than 30 minutes-or else he would have destroyed a lot of stuff.

One shoe in the middle of the rug in the family room. : )

This is how he got out. I guess that the crate wasn't securely fastened where it was supposed to be. My little guy most have knocked into it and knocked it down and then he was FREE.
I fixed it so now he shouldn't be able to get least not that way.

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