Monday, July 18, 2011

Council Grove Outing

(Spark decided he can't be outdone by the BIG Boys- Hosta and Ansel, so he wanted to write this post.)

 I've got to say Ansel and Hosta are great at wearing their fellow dog out.
On Friday I was up early because my girl had told me we were going to do something really fun and I couldn't wait to find out what it was. I hoped it wasn't going to be a baseball game, I've seen WAY too many ballgames already this summer and it was sooo hot already at 7am Friday that I couldn't even stand the thought of baseball.
Well, I played outside and guarded the chickens while my girl rushed around doing a lot of different things...why are humans always in such a hurry? I only hurry when I need to 'go' or when I see my food...have I said how much I  LOVE my food? Anyway, after a long time outside (my girl says I'm exaggerating) I spotted my girl outside talking to, you'll never believe pal Hosta's Mom. I was just beginning to wonder what she was doing here and where Hosta was, when my girl came and put my leash on and told me we were leaving. I love mysterious car rides!
We got in the car and I "buckled up" at my girl's feet, then we were in the car forever. I saw Hosta in the very back and then I took a very long nap. When we stopped again and I was able to get out and 'go', there was another dog in a cape I'd never seen before. Apparently, Hosta knew him already so he introduced us; the other dog is Ansel and he is from CCI.
After introductions between us dogs and our humans, Ansel and his Mom took my girl and Hosta's Mom and me and Hosta on a tour of Council Grove. Council Grove is Ansel's domain and also a historical town. We got to see all sorts of things and I was a great dog. (My girl says I wasn't as good as I should have been. I did bark a bit but, come on, I'm a little guy and I wanted the big guys to see I'm just as good as them! Give a poor pup a break.)
We went into lots of stores and into this place called the Hays House where the people were nice and the floor was cool, or at least that is what Hosta said, I never laid down. We saw a statue of a Kaw Indian-whatever that is. My girl wanted a picture of the 2 of us sitting with the statue, so I obeyed...for a while. : )

This is how to cross the street.
This cape looks great on my handsome self.

Why am I in jail?
I was a well-behaved little pup and I made my girl really proud of me, that is until I tried to do something I'd seen Hosta try. I saw this stuffed animal that I really wanted and since my girl doesn't understand a thing I say I just took it and walked with it. My girl wasn't happy with me at all, she said I was shoplifting (which I wasn't, I was sure my girl would buy it so that is NOT shoplifting) she took it from me and told me I was a 'bad boy'. Then she took the toy and put it back where I had found it; what happened to her buying it for her favorite little guy? I tried to be good when she made me walk past the stuffed toys over and over again. Okay, I get the point no more picking out the things I like. Our next stop was...the old jailhouse; my girl and Hosta's mom thought it would be good for the 2 naughty boys (Hosta and Me) to spend a little time in jail. It was sooo tiny and hot too.
Group photo- take one.
Our last stop was at a ladies' boutique to get a group photo of the handsome doggie friends.
Group photo- take two.

Am I cute when I'm asleep?
We were all getting hot and tired and our humans were getting hungry so we all piled into Ansel's car and headed to his house. I slept in the car on the 15-20 minute trip to Ansel's and I think Hosta did too. Ansel was too busy licking Hosta's Mom; he loves kissing even more than I do!

We got out of the car and then Hosta and I got a speedy tour of Ansel's awesome house. Our humans talked while we played and then I got stuck in the kennel while Hosta and Ansel showed off their perfect 'down-stays' while the people ate. Show offs! I can't help it that I don't have a very long 'down-stay'. : (

When I got up from my nap in the kennel my girl gave me my lunch and then made me relax. I didn't figure out why I was supposed to relax until about 30 minutes later.
Relaxing with my girl.
My drunk dog pose.

After another ride in the car we arrived at...the lake! I have never seen so much water in my life, it was amazing! Ansel and Hosta went straight into the water, but my girl wouldn't let me go. After a lot of saying 'please' she finally let me free and I ran to catch up with the other boys. I think I was actually running on the water for a minute! Then in no time I was swimming alongside (kind of) the other 2. All of the humans were amazed with me, what did they think, I didn't know how to swim just because I'd never done it before? Come on, I'm a dog and a Lab too, I was born knowing how to swim.

I thought this was as good as it gets but I was wrong. We got to go out on a boat! It was super fun. I loved it and it didn't scare me at all because I'm super brave. Ansel showed Hosta and me how to jump off the back of the boat and into the water. I thought it looked like fun and I was very happy when it was my turn. I was almost a pro and I made the humans laugh every time I jumped in after the ball. They made me take a break and I had to watch Hosta do it. I gave him a few pointers but he thought that was rude. Was it?
When we were all tired out Ansel's Mom showed us what its like to water ski. I thought I could do it but they didn't let me so I had to be satisfied watching her do it.
We were sad when we had to leave, but Hosta and I slept the whole 2.5 hours back to my home. Thanks for the wonderful day Ansel, you're a great host. Thanks to Hosta too for inviting me and my girl and giving us a ride.

My 1st time in the water.

I'm not [YAWN] tired.

Me, my girl, and buddy and Hosta.

Giving Hosta a few tips.

Little Swimmer.

Trying to keep up with the  big boys.

See my cute little paw?

I love the feel of the wind in my face.

Let me go and I'll show you how well I can jump.

Waiting patiently for my turn.

Cuddle time with my girl.

Is that the best you've got lady?
Look at this cute guy...oh wait that is me! : )
We headed back to shore and Hosta and I dove off the dock several times together. Ansel had to be put in timeout; sorry Ansel. But Hosta and I had fun and became great at diving off at the same time

Everyone who sees Hosta and me together thinks Hosta is my dad. Do we look that much alike?

This takes very precise timing to get the dive perfect.

Ready! Set! Go to the next picture to see our dive.

Hosta and me diving.

Look at my perfect jump!

Thanks to Lisa for all of the great pictures. They are amazing. : )


  1. Thanks for sharing! We love reading about our favorite PITs.

  2. Oh, wow, you are not only a great swimmer Spark, but also a great writer! What a great job! You told it perfectly! We enjoyed the day with you!

  3. Pretty impressive story for a rookie, Spark. I see a job in journalism for you buddy!


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