Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What in the world...

Spark really isn't sure what to think of the video of Lassiter at the lake, that Ansel's PRs made.
Here is a video of Spark's reaction:
Isn't he adorable? I love how he does his puppy head cock. : ) He can almost always make me smile.


  1. I'm surprised he didn't try to jump into your laptop to join Lassiter with how he tried to show off for Ansel and Hosta! Spark's adorable - love his happy go lucky personality! It's great...

  2. That is sooo funny! I'm sure Spark was ready to jump in with Lassiter.

  3. Spark WAS ready to dive at the computer and join Lassiter in the lake. I think he was a bit put out with me when I moved the laptop out of his reach! :)

  4. Imagine if you played that on a big screen tv...what would happen?!?!?!


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