Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Job!...

As I mentioned a while ago I recently got a job. I had applied for it in November and since they had supposedly really needed new people I thought I'd here back by December. I didn't so by January I had kinda forgotten about it- until they called me at the end of the month wanting to know if I was still interested. YES!!!! So the first week of February I started working as a Kennel Assistant at a the same Vet Clinic  Clara and Shelby's PR works. (Truth be told she [M] was the one that helped me get the job! Thanks M!!!)

I work 2 afternoons a week. I clean the runs (large, individual kennels), clean the drying/grooming compartments (smaller individual kennels), vacuum, mop, wash dirty food/water dishes, lots of laundry, wipe of the counters, empty the trash, clean litter boxes, sweep the front sidewalks, clean up trash and such in the front and back yards. Then some of the other things I do which are a little more fun are: Feed the dogs and cats, walk the dogs, give baths, trim nails, weigh pets,  and occasionally talk to clients.

It has been really fun because I get to work with a lot of different breeds and personalities. My favorite dogs at work are Shelby and Clara! No offense to the other dogs but Shelby especially is just so sweet and who could resist Clara's darling puppy face?!

Hopefully I'll be able to bring Spark to work with me a few times so that he can have the experience of a noisy kennel environment before he moves into the CHU at KSDS. [Whenever that will be. : )]


  1. I awarded you on my blog! You should go check it out! :)


  2. Congrats! I work in a shelter with a full service clinic built in so It can be fun (and crazy!)
    Way to go!


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